Business Sale


Did you know that both a lawyer and an accountant should independently advise each party to a sale or purchase of a business transaction? 

CPC Lawyers have the necessary skills and experience to advise you on the purchase or sale of a business.


We can assist you with business structures including companies, partnerships and trusts.

We can help you with:

  • Business structures.

  • Contracts.

  • Share sale agreements

  • Lease terms.

  • Put and Call options.

  • Goodwill and valuation of business assets.

  • Tax considerations.

  • Liaison with financial institutions.

  • Transfers of liquor licences and poker machine entitlements.

  • Transfers of equipment licences.

  • Franchising agreements.

  • Arranging due diligence searches and inspections.

  • Organising and attending settlement.


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There are many factors to consider when selling or purchasing a business.  


Our role in this process is to ensure your financial position is best protected. Have you considered the related assets that are being transferred, including property, equipment, fixtures, fittings, stock, any rights to use any business names and also all the associated liabilities? 


Our team of lawyers can work directly with creditors (people or businesses that your business owes money to) and can examine the lease of the business premises to ensure you receive legal advice to best suit the nature and complexity of the sale.