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Did you know that individuals have the right to sue for compensation or for specific action in matters such as breach of contract, defamation and negligence? 


If you feel that you’ve been wronged but it’s not a criminal matter for police, then you may wish to consider civil litigation. Civil litigation is a process of dispute resolution between members of the community through the court system.

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The types of disputes that are dealt with under civil law include disputes between:

  • Neighbours.

  • Business partners.

  • Family members and friends.

  • Suppliers.

  • Clients and customers.

  • Landlords and tenants.

  • Builders and construction companies.

  • Contractors with sub-contractors.


Civil litigation involving proceedings in Court is inherently risky and costly however we provide transparent costing and unbiased advice to ensure a cost-effective result for every client.

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Civil litigation is a process of dispute resolution between individual members of the community. 

We work alongside our clients in support of their situation, promptly providing advice on mitigating risks and strategies on resolving disputes.


In order to sue someone in court you will need a cause of action and sufficient evidence to prove that they have wronged you. Our civil litigation lawyers will assess the facts of your case, determine your cause of action and provide advice on whether you have enough evidence to support your claim.  


Before bringing an action in Court, our lawyers will aim to settle your dispute by negotiating with your opponent and undertaking dispute resolution methods to get you the best, quickest and most cost effective result. 


Alternative dispute resolution methods may not work in all circumstances, especially where neither party believes they are in the wrong or where many facts of the case are disputed. If an early settlement cannot be reached then our civil litigation lawyers will represent you throughout the court process whilst still trying to settle the matter prior to any court trial.