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Ellie Jefferson-Wetherill 

Law Clerk

Meet Ellie, a first-year university student at Flinders University, currently embarking on her journey towards a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)- Legal Practice. With a passion for critical thinking, Ellie's decision to study law was a natural progression from her high school legal studies. She thrives on the ever-changing nature of the field, relishing the challenge of tackling new cases and gaining deeper insights into the legal landscape.


Why law? For Ellie, it's about more than just a career choice; it's a calling to a rewarding industry brimming with opportunities for growth and learning. She's drawn to the prospect of continuous personal development and the chance to make a positive impact in a competitive yet fulfilling environment.

When it comes to building trust with clients, Ellie believes in one simple principle: deliver on your promises. It's through this commitment that lasting partnerships are forged, allowing clients to place their trust and work together towards achieving common goals.


Outside the office, you’ll catch her enjoying some shopping and reading. She is a musical enthusiast who never misses a chance to catch a show.


And now, for a glimpse into Ellie's lighter side: Fun fact: did you know that while living in England, Ellie was a junior state gymnast? If she could choose a superpower, it would be shapeshifting, allowing her to morph from a horse into her favourite celebrity, Harry Styles. And as for surviving an apocalypse? Ellie's strategy is straightforward: run, hide, and emerge unscathed when the dust settles, ready to enjoy the fruits of civilization.

Ellie Jefferson-Wetherill  Law Clerk at CPC Lawyers assisting the team with conveyancing and settlements
Ellie Jefferson-Wetherill Law Clerk at CPC lawyers Adelaide. Unley Law Firm based 3kms from adelaide
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