Is unpaid debt or invoices affecting your business?


Debt collection in Australia happens when creditors and collectors seek to secure payment from consumers, individuals or businesses who are legally obliged to pay money owed.

How does debt collection work? 

If the debt is not disputed and the debtor agrees to make payment but cannot do so straight away, our lawyers can negotiate with the debtor on your behalf so that fair payment plans are entered into. 


How does debt collection affect credit?   

If you are the one being pursued for overdue debt then you may be reported to various credit agencies which may affect your credit rating and your ability to obtain loans and credit cards in the future. If you think you have been unfairly pursued for a debt that you do not owe then CPC Lawyers can help you dispute the debt. 


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Here at CPC Lawyers we provide specialist debt recovery services for businesses and individuals in Adelaide and South Australia.


Our lawyers are highly experienced in enforcing debt collection through initial letters of demand and statutory demand documents. If the debt is still not paid after this initial process then CPC Lawyers will be able to assist you with making Court applications to recover your debt and also represent you in Court. 


CPC Lawyers can assess your situation and outstanding invoices to provide advice on whether you have legal standing to pursue the debt owed to you. Prior to making any Court application for outstanding debt, CPC Lawyers will evaluate your case and provide advice on the benefits and risks associated with going to Court as well as the likelihood of success. 



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