Planning for your family’s future after you’re gone is an important legal task.


Good estate planning and maintaining a carefully prepared up-to-date Will legally recognises how you would like your assets to be distributed after you pass away. 


If you take the time now to make an effective legally binding Will and Testament, you can save your family not only stress, but also money, in what will undoubtedly be a difficult time for them.

At the same time as considering your Will, we strongly recommend that you also put in place plans for any future incapacity through Enduring Power of Attorney documents and Advance Care Directive Forms.


This will ensure that if you somehow become unable to make decisions about your finances, your medical treatment or living arrangements then the person or persons whom you trust to make these decisions can do so unhindered.

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Drawing up a Will and planning your estate according to your personal circumstances is a way of ensuring that your savings and assets are protected by distributing them according to your current wishes. 


CPC Lawyers can help:

  • Advise you in regard to estate and probate laws.

  • Write a Will that maximises the inheritance for your family.

  • Set up a family and testamentary trusts.

  • Advise you in regard to choosing executors and guardians.

  • Advise you in relation to your company/trust structures and how they affect your estate planning.

  • Minimise the chance that your Will is contested and subject to litigation.

  • Advise in regard to estate tax including capital gains and financial concerns.

  • Safely store your Will and other important legal documents.



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