Intellectual property lawyers specialise in trademarking, patent, and design protection and registration work. 

Our commercial team of experienced lawyers can advise on both domestic and international intellectual property law issues. We can also help with registering and protecting your trademarks and copyrights.

We can provide patent services for businesses or individuals who have inventions and processes that are different and unique from existing and already established technologies. Furthermore, we can offer design protection services to protect the unique visual appearances of products.

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CPC is a commercial law firm with experience in working with businesses of all sizes in and all professional spaces. We enjoy supporting our clients and their businesses through their entire lifecycle. When you choose CPC, you choose a firm that cares about your specific business needs with lawyers with the relevant expertise and experience to help your business go from strength to strength.

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Trademark Registration

Not having a business name trademarked can mean that your rights of ownership over a business name, slogan, picture or logo could be used by another company without legal ramifications.


The registration of a trademark essentially gives you exclusive rights. With the expansion of any company and rise in popularity or recognition of your goods and services, it is an important component and preliminary protection of your business identity.


A Patent is a legally enforced right that gives you complete ownership over a commercial invention. When you have a new, fresh or original idea that the market is currently unaware of, and you have a desire to use or advertise, it would be when a patent would be recommended.


If other businesses or individuals become aware of an idea or invention prior to a patent being in place, you may leave yourself open to losing legal rights over that invention.


Patents will allow you to stop the use or sale of your invention without your permission. This is particularly important when you see a need for this invention in the market with great potential for financial return.



Design protection is important when you want to have legally enforceable rights over a product's appearance or design.

If designs aren't protected, you leave yourself open to the potential of competitors using your designs and then your product not being unique to your brand.

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We can conduct Audits and due diligence investigations on IP and IT rights
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We specialise in intellectual property law, protecting your ideas and innovations from theft or infringement.

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Meet our experts helping you with Intellectual Property (IP) Law:

Ioanna Moliviatis Lawyer - IP Law Adelaide

Ioanna Moliviatis

I chose to be a commercial/IP lawyer because...

I enjoy helping businesses grow to their full potential and assisting small, medium and large scale businesses in protecting their interests and developing their brand. Whether that be through creating Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, trademarking names and overall protecting intellectual property rights.


My approach to commercial/IP law is...
Getting to know the business and its specific set of goals. I like understanding how each business operates and how it sets itself apart from others in its industry. Identifying the individuality (uniqueness) of a business and its needs and taking the appropriate steps to protect the individuality/needs are the first crucial steps to helping establish/support any successful business.

Whether you are looking for assistance in protecting your idea or need assistance commercialising your invention, CPC Lawyers is here to help.

Commercialisation of IP, including related licensing and royalty arrangements
Defence and prosecution of trademark infringement proceedings. CPC Lawyers - Protection and enforcement of rights, including dispute management and resolution and litigation. Adelaide

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