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Welcome to the new CPC Lawyers website

A Message From Founding Principal, Theodosi Cotsaris.

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website!

Last year we started considering new ways to enhance our online presence and support and expand upon our dedication to client service, engagement and information delivery to our online audience.

Our website boasts a new sleek modern design, native to our branding identity aiming to reflect our dynamic commitment to the industry, our clients, stakeholders and the wider South Australian community.

We have designed our new website to feature detailed explanations of all our services and FAQ pages created as a guide for individuals to clarify any questions relative to that area of law.

Our new website also offers our clients and stakeholders with additional resources beyond our service offering pages with the addition of our new blog featuring engaging and informative legal articles relative to South Australia.

The next objective we have is to use our new infrastructure to increase client and stakeholder engagement. If you have any ideas on what you want to see in the way of content such as blog posts, videos or Q&A materials, then please reach out as our vision is to be able to customise the experience to best suit our clients and stakeholders needs and preferences.

As always, on behalf of myself and the entire team at CPC Lawyers we appreciate your ongoing loyalty. We will continue striving to deliver the best support both online and face to face to facilitate your legal requirements.

I invite you to share our new website with your network, and I welcome any feedback.


Theodosi Cotsaris