Did you know that a properly drafted Power of Attorney allows you to delegate the management of your affairs to someone you trust? 


Your nominated Attorney has legal responsibilities that are based on the notion of ensuring that they act in your best interest at all times.  


Whether it is identifying a suitable Attorney in your network, understanding what type of Power of Attorney you may need or completing and finalising the required legal documentation, CPC Lawyers can help you with every step concerning appointing a trusted Power of Attorney.

CPC Lawyers are experienced in preparing these documents to reflect your wishes accurately. 


At the same time as considering your Enduring Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directive documents we strongly recommend that you also put in place plans for your Estate with the preparation of your last Will and Testament.  


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A current and professionally prepared Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directive are two of the most important legal documents you will sign.

The three important  documents that CPC Lawyers can offer to you are: 

  • An Enduring Power of Attorney that is used to appoint someone to make financial and property decisions for you if you are unable to make those decisions yourself due to incapacitation or not being of sound mind to make a legal decision. 

  • A general Power of Attorney is also used to appoint someone to make a financial and property decision for you however this document ceases should you become incapacitated or unable to make a legal decision and is generally for a specific purpose or timeframe. 

  • An Advance Care Directive Form that is used to appoint someone to make health, medical and lifestyle decisions for you if you cannot make them yourself. 

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