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Senior Associate

Mary-Lee became part of CPC Lawyers in 2022 as a Senior Associate, leveraging over four decades of legal expertise. Her extensive experience enriches our team, where she contributes by mentoring solicitors and tackling intricate cases. Her focus areas encompass Debt Collection, Commercial Law, Litigation, Wills and Estate Planning, and Estate Administration. Mary-Lee distinguishes herself by delivering empathetic and pragmatic guidance, emphasising support through every step of the legal journey.

Throughout most of my years in high school I aspired to be a teacher. I was however then drawn to the law because of my love of reading & the logical process it involves. Practising law has allowed me to perfectly combine my interests in both fields because apart from achieving good results for clients my greatest pleasure has come from offering guidance to others, whether it be a legal secretary, para legal or junior solicitor. It is for this reason that I value my role as a mentor at CPC Lawyers.


The most important aspect of building trust with clients is to be clear about the process involved. It is also important to handle client’s expectations and I pride myself on doing so. It is important to appreciate what a stressful experience it can be for a client and to make them feel that we're here supporting them with their case.


Whilst practising law can be a stressful experience at times, it also has many upsides. Truly interesting, exciting and kind people are met along the journey. Also working for a number of years for a country based firm enabled me to engage with the wonderful people on the land and enjoy the fabulous sense of community that exists in rural areas.


Outside of the office I enjoy cooking, reading, being a dog owner, chilli festivals, Writer’s Week, the Cabaret Festival and watching sport. The first two involve reading the way too many cookbooks that I have and then of course cooking the recipes.


I currently have in my yards at home just over 100 chilli plants at various stages of growth. They are of all colours, namely red, orange, yellow, peach, chocolate and purple. I could name the 10 hottest chillies in the world and I am sure that I have all of them. If I could have a superpower, it would be to have my hands able to cancel the effect of capsaicin.


If I could instantly become fluent in any language it would be Spanish. I want to party in Ibiza, would love their food and wish to visit San Sebastian (having a son named Sebastian), and if you want a language that opens up most of the continents to you, Spanish is your best bet.

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