best family lawyers adelaide

best family lawyers adelaide

During a relationship breakup almost everything familiar changes, whether you've been together for three months or 30 years, we understand the anxiety and stress that occurs when a relationship or marriage breaks down. 


It is normal to feel many emotions, after all a breakup or divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences in life. 


At CPC Lawyers, we are passionate about providing the best opportunity for client based support to help you achieve a fair and successful settlement/outcome. 


In South Australia, there are a number of settlement options, available to couples who have separated after a marriage or de facto relationship. If you have recently separated from your partner, we can help explain how the law applies to your case and can guide you to understand your rights and responsibilities before applying for a divorce or other applications in relation to a divorce or property settlement.


We have always valued the many clients who have sought our advice on family law disputes that have arisen from the breakdown of marital or de-facto relationships.


Divorce & Family

Our approach

Our lawyers provide not only a professional service but a personal and empathetic one to clients who require assistance in resolving financial and property disputes between spouses, as well as disputes involving children.

We can help you navigate the often complex family law court system and assist with a range of matters relating to divorce, family law and de facto relationships.  



Divorce & Family

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Agreements in relationships can be important because they outline expectations for both parties, protect both parties if those expectations aren't met, neglecting this process can have severe consequences.

What we develop agreements for:

  • De-facto relationship matters

  • Prenuptial Agreements (Prenups)




When you decide to separate, you and your former partner will need to make important decisions about children, property, money and belongings.

While you go your separate ways, we can help keep the following on track:

  • Deeds of settlement and separation

  • Binding Financial Agreements

  • Property settlements

  • Spousal Maintenance

  • Court Preparation of Consent Orders to be filed in the Family Court



Divorce & Disputes

It is normal to feel many emotions, after all a breakup or divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences in life, but with the right team behind your anything is possible.

We recognise the importance of managing COST vs IMPACT and can help with:

  • Filing for divorce

  • Legal Representation in the Family Court and Federal Circuit


Divorce & Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a family lawyer for my separation or divorce?

If you are considering separation or divorce, legal advice should be sought. A lawyer can help provide a proper understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities, and discuss how the law applies to your specific situation. Seeking a family lawyer during your separation or divorce may also result in an out of court agreement to be reached with your former partner.

How much will a divorce lawyer cost?

The fees of a divorce lawyer may vary depending on your circumstances, however, a filing fee of $900.00 will apply for the Application of Divorce. You may be eligible for a reduced filing fee if you are a concession holder, or if you apply for a reduced fee due to your financial hardship. Contact us today to obtain a personal quote and assistance in applying for a reduced filing fee.

How long does an average divorce take?

If there are no difficulties in serving your former spouse with the Divorce Application, it will take at least 4 months to obtain a Divorce Order.

How can I minimise the potential traumatic effect on our children?

It’s normal during a separation to feel many conflicting emotions, including anger, resentment, sadness, relief, fear, and confusion.

Do I have to pay/can I receive spousal maintenance?

A Grant of Divorce does not automatically determine issues involving children and/or spousal maintenance. These issues are separate, and can be organized before, during or after your Divorce has been granted. You have 12 months to make an application for maintenance once your Divorce has become final. We can assist you with filing an application for maintenance, in relation to both spousal and children.

Which settlement option is best for me?

There are various settlement options that may apply to your specific circumstance. As there are various settlement options, each matter is dealt with differently depending on the specific details of your circumstance. It is recommended that you contact us to receive information on your options.

What if my ex-partner does not expose all our assets & property?
Separating the assets you and your former partner shared can be a very complicated task in many divorce cases. During this process, a divorce lawyer can help you find assets your former spouse may want to hide. Divorce lawyers can utilise tools of discovery in order to obtain information of all income and assets. It is common for some people to conceal certain assets in order to appear penniless.

How to keep a divorce settlement amicable?

We understand that separation is a difficult and sensitive time for all parties involved. When you decide to separate, you and your former partner will need to make important decisions about children, property, money and belongings. Some of these decisions may need to be decided immediately and be as practical as possible. Coming to a temporary agreement with your former partner at the time of separation will have a significant impact on keeping the divorce settlement amicable.


If you find you are struggling to remain amicable with your former partner, there are various facilities available to you at Family Relationship Centres, and it is important to utilise your divorce lawyer for advice.

How long does an average settlement take?

Dependent on your particular circumstances, some settlements can take as little as 1 month to complete if you are able to settle amicably. Whilst not all settlements are amicable, those of a complicated nature can take up to 2-3 years until a settlement or Court Order is made.


Divorce & Family

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