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Selling a property can be a significant time in someone’s life.
Now, here comes the admin! The Form 1 document is a required document which outlines details concerning the property, specifically any encumbrances or anomalies that may interfere with the property's ownership, such as leases, mortgages, restrictive covenants, easements and more. Any Vendor selling or transferring their property to a third party is required to provide a Form 1 to the Purchaser.

To ensure you have your Form 1 in as soon as possible, complete our easy request form here:

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For Real Estate Agents:

The Agent has or will provide to CPC Lawyers sufficient information for the preparation of the Form 1, together with a copy of the Vendor Questionnaire completed and signed by the Vendor.

For Vendors:

This document MUST be fully completed and signed by the Vendor in order for the Form 1 documentation to be completed and served on a prospective Purchaser. Please note that it is a legal requirement and any incorrect or undisclosed information may invalidate the contract and make you liable for the same.


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Please note that the Form 1 is a document which is prepared for you by us based on information provided in the Government, Council and Strata/Community Searches provided, as well as information collected from you via the above link. We rely on this information to prepare the Form 1 and any incorrect, misleading, or undisclosed information provided to us may result in a defective Form 1 and potentially terminated Contract. We accept no liability for any errors in the Form 1 due to incorrect, misleading or undisclosed information relied upon by us. 

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Form 1 Request
Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced conveyancing and property law teams can assist you every step of the way with your property settlement.

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