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Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager at CPC Lawyers, Nikki leads the development and execution of the firm's marketing initiatives.


With over ten years of experience in various marketing management positions, Nikki brings a wealth of knowledge to her role at CPC Lawyers. Her diverse background in different industries uniquely qualifies her to excel in creating content that educates and empowers clients in the legal field. Nikki's main goal is to simplify legal concepts and provide valuable insights through clear and engaging communication, reflecting her commitment to achieving significant results for CPC Lawyers.

Throughout her career, Nikki has honed her expertise in digital marketing, content creation, and campaign management, utilising innovative methods to enhance CPC Lawyers' brand visibility and broaden its audience reach.

Outside of work, Nikki enjoys spending quality time with her young family, traveling, photography, and caring for her indoor plant collection.

If given a superpower, Nikki would choose the ability to effortlessly maintain a spotless home and conjure up delicious home-cooked meals with just a snap of her fingers.



"In my role, I enjoy simplifying complex ideas and making legal jargon understandable. By doing so, we not only inform but also strengthen relationships. What really drives me is connecting with people. Understanding and connection are crucial, not just in law but in life. That's why I'm passionate about our firm's values. We prioritise getting to know our clients and offering clear, reliable advice. Clarity is key. Everyone deserves straightforward guidance. Our commitment to clear communication promotes clear thinking and ensures our clients fully understand their legal matters."

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